Suzuki Motorcycles for Sale in Gimli, Manitoba

Why Buy a Suzuki Motorcycle?

It’s that favorite road, where you know the pavement like a good friend. The wild stretch of woods that begs you to wander and explore. Or the call of the racetrack that has you up early on weekends. Suzuki, builds bikes because they share your enthusiasm to get out and go. For them, it’s a Way of Life. And you’ll feel it as you hit the throttle of your new bike.

Let Chudd's PowerSports find you the right Suzuki bike for your outdoor adventures. We have a vast array of on- and off-road bikes to fit every riding lifestyle. Feel free to browse our Suzuki selection below, or stop in to ride off with yours today!

Suzuki Street Bikes

Zip through the urban grid with precision and confidence with a Suzuki Street Bike. Ideal for both new and experienced riders looking for a bike to take on any on-road adventure, Suzuki Street Bikes deliver head-turning performance on every ride.

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Suzuki Cruiser/V-Twin Models

A more casual motorcycle designed for longer, leisurely rides, Suzuki Cruiser/V-Twin Motorcycles are the perfect selection for riders looking to escape the day-to-day on the open road. Feel the breeze and take in the sights with with a Cruiser.

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Suzuki Dirt Bikes

Suzuki Dirt Bikes are built for riders looking for off-road adventures. Whether you're looking to take on mountain trails or hit the race track, Suzuki Dirt Bikes push your off-road riding to new limits.

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