Suzuki Outboard Engines

Your Suzuki Outboard Engine Headquarters.

We have a variety of Suzuki Outboard Engines for you to choose from at Chudds Powersports. Experts continue to rely on Suzuki Outboard Engines for all their water ventures. Whether you’re looking for speed, power, convenience, or all three, we have the right Suzuki Outboard for you. Read below to better determine which Suzuki Outboard best fits your boating needs.


Midsize & In-Line Suzuki Outboards

Craving exceptional throttle response in your outboard? Choose a Midsize or In-Line Suzuki Outboard. They deliver superior power and efficiency, so you can’t go wrong with one of the most advanced outboards in the industry.

Suzuki v6 engine

V6 Suzuki Outboards

Don’t let your engine slow you down when you’re on the water with friends and family. Cruise to your destinations with a V6 Suzuki Outboard, giving you the reliability you deserve.

Portable Suzuki

Portable Suzuki Outboards

Count on a Portable Suzuki Outboard for your boating adventures. Their convenient size makes taking the boat out for a cruise a breeze. Don’t sacrifice power for portability. Fire up a Portable Suzuki Outboard on your next trip.

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